DePaul University Libraries

1Are all reserves available online?
2Are textbooks purchased for library reserves?
3Are there group study rooms?
4As a student, can I get a job in the library?
5Can faculty members authorize a research assistant to check out library materials on their behalf?
6Can I check out CDs? Where are they shelved?
7Can I use the library at Northwestern, Loyola, or University of Chicago?
8Can you give me step by step instructions on how to request a book?
9Do I need a password to access e-reserve materials?
10Does the library give tours?
11How do I access materials on e-reserves?
12How do I customize Google Scholar for DePaul?
13How do I find an article/book on reserve for my class?
14How do I login to ILLiad?
15How do I renew my ILLiad book?
16I have a call number for a book or other item. Where do I find it in the library?
17I have to do an online workshop for my class. What do I do?
18I'm having trouble logging into library resources from off-campus. What should I do?
19I'm taking an online workshop for my class and got a "retry." What do I do now?
20I've heard about alert services or RSS feeds in my discipline. How do I do that?
21Is there a browser plug-in I can install for library research?
22What if DePaul doesn't have the book, video or article I need?
23What is I-Share? Which libraries participate?
24What is ILLiad? How is it different from I-Share?
25What is my library ID number?
26What is the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), and how do I request material from it?
27Where do I return a book if it's from another DePaul Campus/I-Share Library?

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