DePaul University Libraries

1Are textbooks purchased for library reserves?
2As a faculty member, may I select my own password for my course's e-reserves page?
3Can I place a different chapter from the same book on reserve every week?
4Can I place a video that I copied from a television program on reserve?
5Can I place my own personal copy of a book on reserve?
6Can I put e-books on reserve?
7Can I put more than one essay/poem/play/article from the same printed book collection on reserve?
8Can the library coordinate digitization of CDs and DVDs?
9Do I need a password to access e-reserve materials?
10How do I access materials on e-reserves?
11How do I find an article/book on reserve for my class?
12How do students access materials on e-reserves?
13How do students in online learning and international programs access reserves?
14How is copyright handled for e-reserves?
15I co-authored a book; can I put all the chapters I wrote on reserve?
16If I have multiple sections of a course and want to use different reserve materials for different sections, can I do that? Can I do this with cross-listed courses?
17If I have two (or more) cross-listed courses and want to use the same reserve materials for both, do I need to enter the requests for each class?
18If I want to use the same reserve materials for different courses that are not cross-listed, can I do that?
19What is the limit that the library will spend for reserves materials for my course?
20Will material I place on reserve be available for all sections of my course?
21Will you put a book from another library on reserve at DePaul?
22Will you put a rental video or DVD on reserve in the library?

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