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Jerome C. Berrigan
Jerome Berrigan, 1970

The papers, correspondence, photographs and memorabilia contained in the Jerome C. Berrigan Collection reflect the nonviolent resistance efforts of the Berrigan family. While Jerome was only directly involved in a handful of protest movements, he has documented these and many of the other protests in which his brothers Philip and Daniel have taken part.

Finding Aid

The collection contains many family photographs and memorabilia, beginning in the late 1800s with Jerome's parents and continuing through the present, with a large group of photographs from Daniel's underground period.

Information about specific protest movements is contained in the Plowshare Actions and Protest Files, arranged chronologically.

The collection contains extensive files of correspondence to and from Daniel, Philip, and Jerome Berrigan, Jerome's wife Carol and Philip's wife Elizabeth McAlister, as well as files of articles written by and about these individuals. Also contained is a substantial amount of original writing, including poetry, essays, speeches, pamphlets and manuscripts of Daniel's poetry and Philip's prison writings. The collection also reflects relationships the family has made with other peace activists, scholars, authors and entertainers.

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