DePaul University Libraries
Lemke Napoleon Collection

Montorgueil, Georges. Bonaparte. 1910.

The 4,000 volumes which are the basis of this collection were purchased by Otto Lemke of Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the first decades of the twentieth century. DePaul bought the collection from his estate in 1936. Mr. Lemke's focus was on the Emperor himself and the military campaigns. The collection contains biographies and correspondence of Napoleon and the members of his family, in both French and English. The books are rich in pictorial representations of Napoleon, as well as of the monuments dedicated to him, and scenes of his life.

All aspects of the military campaigns are well documented with accounts by and about French, British, German, and Russian soldiers in the Napoleonic Wars. The battles themselves are thoroughly covered, with volumes that contain extensive maps and pictorial representations.

The collection includes memoirs of observers of the French Revolution and the ensuing events in France; a selection of English Broadsides warning against imminent French invasion; a selection of pre-revolutionary pamphlets; and various other miscellaneous material. Estate gifts from Chicagoans Max Thorek and Milton Lewis enhanced the collection. Dr. Thorek's books focus on the lives of the Royal Family and events of the Revolution as well as Napoleon; Dr. Lewis' collection includes ceramic figurines and hand bound books with medallions and engravings of Napoleon embedded in the covers.