DePaul University Libraries
University Collections
1Barat College
Description: Founded by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in 1858, Barat College began as the Barat Academy for Young Women. In 1904, the school moved to its Lake Forest campus, where it was chartered as a four-year college for women in 1918. In 2001, Barat formed an educational alliance with DePaul University, and was known as Barat College of DePaul until it ceased operations in 2005.
Restrictions: In library use only
2Biographical Files - DePaul Presidents
Description: This collection consists of a variety of materials relating to presidents at DePaul including: obituaries, photographs, interviews, and articles by and about each president. The collection is arranged in chronological order. Each individual has a folder containing information about him.
Restrictions: In library use only
3Biographical Files - Faculty and Staff
Description: This collection consists of a variety of materials relating to faculty and staff at DePaul including: obituaries, interviews, and articles by and about the faculty or staff member. The collection is arranged in alphabetical order. Each individual has a folder containing information about him or her. Ray Meyer, the influential head coach of DePaul?s men?s basketball team, has his own box.
Restrictions: In library use only
Description: Programs, photographs, and other records that document commencement ceremonies at DePaul.
Restrictions: In library use only
5DePaul Buildings
Description: The Buildings collection is separated into the following categories: Planning, Leasing, Parking, Physical Plant, and Blueprints. Within each category, the materials are grouped by campus and arranged chronologically.
Restrictions: In library use only
6DePaul Buildings - Chronology
Description: A chronological listing of buildings built or acquired by DePaul, grouped by campus.
Restrictions: None
7DePaul Buildings - Photographs
Description: A collection of photographs depicting buildings across all of DePaul's campuses.
Restrictions: In library use only
8DePaul Buildings, Digital Collection
Description: The photographs and images of DePaul buildings included in this digital collection date from 1898 to the present. Images include groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies, the construction and demolition of buildings, and aerial views of the surrounding neighborhood.
Restrictions: None
9DePaul Histories
Description: Books and articles about various aspects of DePaul's history.
Restrictions: In library use only
10DePaul University Presidents
Description: A chronology of the Presidents of the University.
Restrictions: None
11Enrollment Statistics
Description: This collection includes enrollment statistics, faculty and student load reports, and rankings of students by G.P.A. Records reflect some early efforts to track enrollment by religion and ethnicity, as well as veteran enrollment around the time of WWII and after. The academic schools covered include: Commerce-Day and Night, Drama, Education, Graduate-Day and Night, Law-Day and Night, Music, Physical Education, Secretarial, University-Day and Night, Home Study and Extramural Study.
Restrictions: In library use only
12Faculty Council
Description: Faculty Council carries out the collective responsibilities of the DePaul faculty, including governance for academic and scholarly activities, and has an advisory role in many University-wide issues.
Restrictions: In library use only
13Music School
Description: DePaul's School of Music was launched as the "College of Music" in 1912. By 1913, DePaul's program expanded to emphasize teacher training that met the Chicago Board of Education requirements. It became the "School of Music" in 1922, and later was the first Catholic music school to gain membership to the National Association of Schools of Music.
Restrictions: In library use only
14Office of Mission and Values
Description: The Office of Mission and Values started life as the Center for the Study of Values and later became the Center for University Values before finally adopting its present name and function. This collection spans all three versions of the Center/Office. The collection is divided into six series: Operational Files, Mission, Values, Programs, Conferences, and Events.
Restrictions: In library use only
15School for New Learning
Description: DePaul's School for New Learning enrolls and addresses the educational needs of older or nontraditional students.
Restrictions: In library use only
16Staff Council
Description: The Staff Council provides a forum for staff to participate in University governance in an advisory capacity.
Restrictions: In library use only
17Steans Center
Description: The files contain administrative, planning, assessment, and event records from DePaul?s Irwin W. Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning and Community Service Studies. These items document the implementation of community-based service learning into university-wide curricula. The collection also includes reports and proposals evaluating the development of these service learning initiatives at DePaul, as well as a sampling of syllabi and student papers.
Restrictions: In library use only
18Student Affairs
Description: The Student Affairs collection contains four major divisions: General Student Affairs, Athletics, Memorabilia, and Photographs.
Restrictions: In library use only
19Student Affairs - Athletics
Description: This series of records is part of the larger Student Affairs collection, and documents student athletics at DePaul University.
Restrictions: In library use only
20Student Affairs - Ephemera
Description: This collection includes ephemera from various athletic games and general DePaul University events. The files are arranged in three categories; Athletics, General and Greek Life.
Restrictions: In library use only
21University Photographs
Description: University photographs depict various aspects of DePaul's history, including student life, academics, athletics, buildings, faculty and staff.
Restrictions: In library use only
22University Senate
Description: The records of the University Senate, which include the Faculty Advisory Council (1951-1970), cover the period from 1951 to 1985. The University Senate was disbanded in 1983/1984 and replaced by the Faculty Council and Staff Council.
Restrictions: In library use only