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University Chronology: 1920-1939

Father McCabe is transferred to another post. In April, the Very Rev. Thomas F. Levan, C.M., succeeds him as the fourth president of DePaul University.

Athletic competition is re-instituted for the first time after the war, and the College Theatre is converted for use by athletics.

The total number of alumni is 539.

The first reference to the "Blue Demons" is made. DePaul athletes were previously known as "D-men," a nickname derived from the blue letter D on their sweaters.

In September, the first student newspaper, the DePaul Poll Parrot, a gossip and humor publication, is issued.

The DePaul Poll Parrot is renamed the DePaulia and editorial content focuses on news.

Enrollment is at 3,000, a 50 percent increase from 1920.

On April 18, ground is broken for Liberal Arts and Sciences Building on Osgood St. Students attend classes in the new building in September.

When DePaul finishes the 1923-24 basketball season with an 8-6 record, its first official record of intercollegiate competition is established. The team is coached by Robert Stevenson and captained by Joe Hoban.

The first DePaul yearbook is published.

The Department of Nursing Education is organized at St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital.

On July 14, downtown departments are moved into leased quarters at 64 E. Lake St. This will remain DePaul's downtown home for 30 years.

The Graduate School is formally organized and appoints its first full-time dean.

In June, the Very Rev. Francis C. Corcoran, C.M., is named the fifth president of DePaul.

The School of Music moves from the Lyceum Building to a downtown location. Executive offices and the Liberal Arts and Sciences library move to the Lyceum Building. The executive offices remain in the Lyceum Building and at 64 E. Lake St. for 28 years.

Father Corcoran unifies control of the colleges under University Council, which is composed of deans and officers and presided over by the president.

The Drama department is organized.

The number of Alumni is over 2,700.

In October, the first issue of "The DePaul Alumni" is published. Planned as a quarterly journal, it is the first university publication that is directed at an audience other than students.

On December 9, the Very Rev. Michael J. O'Connell, C.M., is inaugurated as the sixth president of DePaul. He succeeds Father Corcoran, who resigned due to illness.

Enrollment is over 6,000.

Father O'Connell launches a building and endowment fund during the Christmas season.

On October 19, the cornerstone for the Hall of Science at 1036 W. Belden Ave. is laid. The cost of the building project is $250,000 with completion scheduled for March 1, 1938. The facility will provide classrooms, offices and laboratories for Physics, Biology and Chemistry Departments.

The Hall of Science is occupied in Spring.

Enrollment is at 8,000.

The Department of Elementary Education is established, reportedly the only such department in the Midwest and one of six in the United States.

The total number of alumni exceeds 7,600.

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