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Ladies of Charity

The Ladies of Charity, established by St. Vincent de Paul, providing services to the sick and the poor, are an essential part of the history of the Vincentians in the United States.
To preserve the history of the Ladies of Charity, the National Board of the Ladies of Charity of the United States of America transferred their operational files to DePaul in June of 2002. Approximately 20 feet of materials containing publications, conference reports, correspondence of presidents, as well as minutes, memorabilia, photographs and histories are currently housed at DePaul. While most of the materials date from the formation of the ALCUS (Association of the Ladies of Charity of the United States) in 1960, there are some handwritten minutes dating to the 1930s.                

As the National Board of LCUSA has transferred the documents officially to DePaul, the services of the Archives are provided at no cost to the LCUSA or to any local chapter depositing materials.

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