DePaul University Libraries
Chicago Collection

The Chicago Collection is an extensive book-based reference collection about the city of Chicago. It includes history, politics, art and architecture, sociology, and a wide range of other topics relating to the local metropolitan area. While other libraries hold many of these titles, this collection brings them together permanently in one place.

The Chicago Collection is located behind the reference desk at the Richardson Library, separate from the main reference collection. It is available whenever the Richardson Library is open, and members of the public are welcome. Books in the Chicago collection can't be checked out, but there is often a second copy available in the main collection that can circulate. Titles are shelved in call number order, and a workspace is available for groups or individuals using the collection.

This collection will be of particular interest to students in Discover or Explore Chicago classes, those doing research with a local focus (neighborhoods, census information, exhibits in Chicago museums), or anyone who needs a starting point for learning about Chicago.