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Class Sessions
The resources of this department are developed to support the curricular goals of DePaul.  We conduct class sessions with faculty interested in using these resources to enhance their teaching and learning.  The staff of Special Collections and Archives will provide general instruction in handling and use of the collections, introduction of collections relevant to a specific course, and provide a forum for students to encounter original documents and primary sources.   Faculty may wish to develop a structured exercise or research project utilizing both physical rare volumes and electronic access to those items.  

Classes are conducted in the Special Collections reading room. As this room is the only area open for public use, we request that classes be scheduled as far in advance as possible. Please contact [the department | link to Contact Special Collections form] for scheduling.

Faculty have utilized sources as diverse as:

  • DePaul student newspapers, the Alethia and the DePaulia from 1968 to track developments in the growth of DePaul’s awareness of the role of African American students
  • Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence newsletters to identify significant moments in the programs to assist women in abusive situations
  • Correspondence of the Vincentian priests who served as missionaries in China and Taiwan from the 1930’s on to analyze interactions of culture, religion, and politics.
  • Online collections dealing with the Lincoln Park Neighborhood to create an “I photo” album.

Classes incorporating assignments and projects in Special Collections and Archives include:

  • Anthropology 324:  From Colonialism to Global Society
  • Catholic Studies 243:  Roman Catholic Theological Thinking
  • English 330:  Restoration and 18th Century Literature
  • English 346:  Irish Literature
  • English 349:  Victorian Studies
  • English 471:  Bibliography and Literary Analysis
  • History 199:  Historical Concepts and Methods Primary
  • History 302:  Maps in History and Culture
  • History 422:  Primary Sources
  • Honors Classes:
    • History in Global Context: Atlantic World
      Text and Image
      Underground Culture in Chicago
  • Latino Latin American Studies 390:  Capstone

Independent Study Opportunities
Faculty who have students interested in independent study coursework have the option of developing projects with Special Collections and Archives resources.  Some successful previous projects include:

  • Tapes of Archbishop Oscar Romero’s final homilies of March, 1980, have been transcribed from tape to text and translated from Spanish to English.       
  • The history of the Sheffield Garden Walk was outlined with identification of significant dates and individuals to provide a context for a Lincoln Park oral history program.
  • Illustrated London News issues from the 1850’s have been analyzed to track the development of railroads in Great Britain.
  • Students have processed small components of larger archival collections to gain a more thorough background in the organization and/of the historical process and methodology.

A selected sample title list of student papers written based on Special Collections and Archives holdings include:

“Black Student Union Sets DePaul Free”
"The Chicago Seven Trial: DePaul Students' Reactions" 
“Defending a Nation:  Anti-French British Propaganda during the Napoleonic Wars”
“DePaul – Lincoln Park Relations During the Program for Greatness and Master Plan”
“Exploring Time and Space:  The Representation of the Railroads in the Illustrated London News
“A Free University in a Free Society:  DePaul University Students Speak Out about Viet Nam”
“The Map as an Illustration of the Society that Produced It” 
“Marie Antoinette:  The Historiography of Romance between the Unfortunate Queen and Two Favorites, Princess Lamballe and Duchesse de Polignac” 
"Native Americans: An Inaccurate Portrayal" 
“And Never the Twain Shall Meet:  Cultural Encounters of the Vincentian China Missions”
“The Portrayal of Archbishop Oscar Romero in The Fifth Sun:  Historic Fact or Fiction?”
“Pulp (or Pipe) Dreams:  The Myth of the American Dream as Perpetuated in Popular Literature at the Turn of the Century”
“Science and the Common Person in Victorian England” 
“The Shaping of Napoleon’s Military Personality” 
“W. E. B. Dubois, Knock Me a Kiss and The Harlem Renaissance”
“Urban Renewal:  The Government Myth” 

All independent study opportunities are developed jointly by the student, faculty advisor, and Special Collections and Archives librarians. Please contact the department for more information.

Images for Classroom Use
Scanned copies of images from books and selected documents or photos from archives collections can be provided for the instructor’s use in the classroom.
Faculty wishing to schedule class sessions or arrange for use of digitized materials in their class should contact Kathryn DeGraff.

Digitized resources for course reserves
Resources can be digitized and added to electronic course reserves  to provide students with both the excitement of original sources and the ease of electronic access. These digitized resources can be accessed by entering “archives” as the search term.