DePaul University Libraries
Browser Hacks

DePaul University Libraries Web Services Department has created several tools that can be added to your browser to make accessing DePaul Libraries materials all that much easier.

DePaul University Libraries iGoogle Gadget

Do you use iGoogle? Add our gadget and access our resources directly from your iGoogle page.

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Our iGoogle gadget will search the catalog and links to useful DePaul Library links, like IM chat, Databases, Research Guides, Hours and more....

Libx Toolbar

The Libx toolbar is a browser-add on that allows you to search our catalog, databases, google scholar and more from your browser. Currently compatible with Internet Explorer and earlier versions of Firefox

Browser Search Plug-ins

DePaul University Libraries has created 2 browser search plugins, one for the library catalog, and another for the I-Share Catalog that can be added to your browser's search bar.

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From this page, you can add the two browser search plugins to either Internet Explorer, or Firefox by using the drop down menu in the search bar of your browser and selecting, "Add DePaul Libraries Catalog Search" or "Add DePaul Libraries I-Share Search". Once these have been added you can search for items held at DePaul and beyond, directly from your browser's search bar. .

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