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Foreign Missions
1China and Taiwan Missions, Western Provice of the Congregation of the Mission
Description: This collection contains information about the Vincentian missionary presence in China and Taiwan. The first priests from the Western Province of the Congregation of the Mission were sent in 1923 to the Province of Kiangsi. When all foreign religious were expelled in 1951 the Vincentians moved their efforts to Taiwan. The collection dates from 1922 to 1994.
Restrictions: In library use only
2China Mission Photograph Collection
Description: The China Mission Photograph Collection documents the missionary presence of the Western Province of the Congregation of the Mission in the province of Kiangsi, China in the first half of the twentieth century. The collection dates from 1923 to c.1951.
Restrictions: In library use only
3Procure des Lazaristes (Mission Procure)
Description: Records of the administrative office charged with handling all of the finances for the Vincentian missionaries in East Asia. The collection dates from 1930 to 1990.
Restrictions: In library use only
4Vincentian Foreign Mission Society
Description: Records of the Vincentian Foreign Mission Society (VFMS)which was founded in the late 1930s to support the Vincentian priests serving in Foreign Missions. The collection dates from 1926 to 1978.
Restrictions: In library use only